Realised: 19/01/2024 (10:00)

Concept Presentation:


• Give & Receive - 15 Jan 2024

- A Simple but Meaningful concept which illustrating the human course to Give & Receive.

Photographer: Fanelo Rikhotso 

• Homeland Gray - 20 Jan 2024

- A Photographic Collection inspired by Shikumba, a rural settlement on the outskirts of Giyani, located in the Limpopo Province, Republic of South Africa 

Photographer: Fanelo Rikhotso 

Statement Released: 07/12/2023 (13:00) Upcoming Exhibition 2024: The Patterns and Us, see Portfolio.

Testimonial for Wadhwani Foundation Ignite Program .pdf

Statement Released: 15/11/2023

Testimonial for Wadhwani Foundation Ignite Program .pdf

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